Ron Izalco 10 years, Private Cask Strength, Bottled for Denmark

Contents: 70 cl

Strength: 60.2% alc./vol.

This bottle is bottled exclusively for Denmark. It is Batch no PR#004 and in cask strength of a whopping 60.2%.

In Central America there is a volcano called Izalco. It is the best-known volcano in the region, and gives its name to the rum from the same region. Ron Izalco is produced on sugar cane that has been grown mainly in the volcanic soil found in many places in the Central American region.

Ron Izalco is a sweet and classic rum that first awakens your senses with a fruity aroma reminiscent of apricots, prunes, honey, caramel and brown cane sugar. The taste starts soft and sweet, and slowly challenges with a complex fullness with undertones of American oak and sweet pipe tobacco. The aftertaste is long and perfectly combines the rich taste of the rum with the direct sweetness, resulting in a taste experience that leaves you wanting more.

The rum has been barrel aged for a minimum of 10 years under tropical heat, and is 100% aged in the tropics. For the cask aging, ex-bourbon casks from the USA have been used exclusively. Ron Izalco Aged 10 Years is a blend of Central America's finest aged rums. The blend contains rums from Nicaragua, Guatemala and Panama respectively.

The Ron Izalco brand is headquartered in Los Angeles and is owned by Mr. Karthik Sudhir. In 2018, Ron Izalco Aged 10 Years won the gold medal in the category "8 years and above" at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition, one of the world's most prestigious spirits competitions, where over 2400 samples are submitted each year.

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