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Romeo's Gin

Here is a gin which contains only six botanicals, namely juniper, cucumber, dill, lavender, almond and lemon. It gives a fresh and clear taste, which we here at Ginbutler absolutely love. The balance between cucumber and lemon is right in the gin cupboard!

Romeo's Gin changes the background label from batch to batch. The distillery, Duvernois Creative Spirits , works to promote art, and therefore they always choose a new artistic motif as a background when they start a new production. To mark the fifth anniversary of the launch of Romeo's Gin, the distillery has chosen to reprint the background label from the very first bottle, which was created by local artist Stikki Peaches. This is the bottle we bought back to Denmark.

Drink the gin with classic tonic and a slice of lemon - or a slice of cucumber if you want to turn the taste even more in that direction. Top with some freshly ground pepper or peppercorns.

Incidentally, the gin is not named after Shakespeare's famous character, but rather the dog Romeo, who is owned by the distillery's founder, Nicolas Duvernois. What do you do when it's just good?

  • Contents: 70 cl
  • Strength: 46% alc./vol.


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