North Atlantic Dry Gin

North Atlantic Dry Gin comes from the Faer Isles Distillery in Vestmanna on the Faroe Islands. The signature ingredient in the gin is seaweed. The distillery experimented with a total of 8 different types of local seaweed before choosing Thongweed (Himanthalia elongata) due to its suitability as a match for the juniper berries in the gin. Seaweed is a rich resource on the Faroe Islands, which is also a sustainable raw material, as it is abundant around the islands in the middle of the North Atlantic.

The seaweed adds a slightly salty, maritime flavor to the gin. Another important ingredient is Angelica - another plant found in the arctic region; the root adds a delicate anise flavor that is particularly prominent in the aftertaste. Faer Isles Distillery wanted to develop a gin that was authentic and true to the local environment of Vestmanna & the Faroe Islands and avoided exotic ingredients and flavors from elsewhere. The result is a Faroese gin with a mild and maritime aroma, which is a really exciting and tasty Gin experience.

Tasting notes:

We immediately catch a slightly special scent when we open the bottle. We think it comes from the local seaweed, which also gives a slightly salty, maritime taste. However, it is not overpowering, and contributes to a well-balanced, aromatic gin which is quite mild in taste. We catch a little anise from the angelica root, but immediately miss a little more power from the juniper and a little citrus.

Botanicals : 

Botanicals: "Thongweed", also known as sea spaghetti, angelica, juniper, rhubarb and local water.

  • Contents: 50 cl
  • Strength: 42.8% alc./vol.