Mór - Pineapple Edition - Bastard Spirits
Mór - Pineapple Edition - Konnessøren ApS
Mór - Pineapple Edition - Konnessøren ApS

Mór - Pineapple Edition

Contents: 70 cl

Strength: 40% vol

One of Ireland's best gins is now available in Denmark. Here in a special pineapple version, which is a sure hit for a summer drink. Brings to mind pineapple soda or a classic Copenhagen bar - just with percentages in it.

The scent is fresh and fruity. There are particular notes of lime, orange and pineapple. Delicious and inviting.

The taste is also full of fruit. The juniper berries and a little rosemary can be sensed, but otherwise it's the pineapple that takes center stage here - in a really good way!

Mix it with a completely classic tonic or try your hand at the more perfumed varieties. But be careful, because it is extremely drinkable!

Mór Gin is also available with the flavors Wild Berry and London Dry.

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