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Moon Gin

Inspired by the human urge to discover and explore, Moon Gin is the first cosmic gin ever made. Moon Gin is a fresh and citrus driven gin with a subtle hint of cinnamon and almonds, infused with moon meteorite. During distillation, this gin actually touches the moon itself, as moonstone has been added to the distillate. Moon Gin was created by 2 explorers and Master Distiller Patrick Van Schandevijl , and is unique both in taste and experience.

The two founders Matthew and Tommy originally started as serious gin enthusiasts. While tasting gins on a warm summer night, they fantasized about their own gin. The name and concept were obvious as they stared at the full moon as they talked. After more than a year of development, they launched their baby: Moon-Gin. In 2018, Moon won several international awards.

100% grain distillate, double distilled in original copper stills (Alambique). It is a distillate without gluten and allergens.

The alcohol percentage of 44% refers to the origin of the moon 44 billion years ago.


Aalst, Belgium


Juniper, bitter and sweet orange peel,

lemon peel, coriander seeds, cinnamon, star anise, licorice, cinnamon, basil, almond, lemongrass, angelica, basil, rosemary

Tasting notes:

Moon is a fresh and citrus-driven gin with a subtle hint of cinnamon and roasted almonds, infused with moon meteorite. During the distillation, the gin touches the moon itself as you simply hang a moonstone into the kettle.

Master Distillers:

Matthew Van Noten and Tommy De Mulder in collaboration with the De Moor distillery.

  • Contents: 50 cl
  • Strength: 44% alc./vol.
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