Boulder Straight Bourbon Whiskey - Bottled In Bond - Bastard Spirits

Boulder Straight Bourbon Whiskey - Bottled In Bond

Contents: 70 cl

Strength : 50% alc./vol.

The Bottled In Bond Act of 1897 was made to ensure the consumer knew the bottle was of standard quality.

It ensures that the consumer knows 3 important things: it is at least 4 years old and all the whiskey is harvested from the same season, it is bottled at exactly 100 proof, and the labeling indicates where it was made and who bottled it.

In 2011, Alastair Brogan moved Scotland to Colorado with a 1,000 gallon copper still (also known as a Forsyth still ) . Barley, yeast, water, oak and the pursuit of happiness. These form the basis of what Boulder Spirits stands for. It's a small Colorado whiskey company with big dreams, bigger goals and the biggest pot still in the state. The mission is to make the best versions of American Single Malt Whiskies, Bourbons and Gins that their team can.

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