Kirk & Sweeney Gran Reserva Superior (23 year)

Contents: 70 cl
Strength: 40% alc./vol.

Kirk & Sweeney Gran Reserva Superior is handcrafted in the Dominican Republic and adheres to the very strict regulations required for the rum to be called "Dominican Rum". The process begins with hand-harvested, high-quality sugar cane. The by-product of the sugar cane, “Blackstrap Molasses”, is then carefully fermented and distilled. Rome is then aged in a series of American and French oak casks, where the distillery performs various steps of dumping, mixing and re-regulation over the years. The final blend is a selection of different aged rum between 6 and 25 years old, carefully handpicked, this is truly a rum worth pursuing.

The aroma offers subtle notes of dried fruit and toast along with a base of caramel, fresh honey and caramelized sugar. You can also find a faint hint of almonds and vanilla. The palate is as complex as the nose suggests, offering a rich development the mouth – from fresh sweetness to dried fruit

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