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Kalevala - Ruby Gin - Ginbutler
Kalevala - Ruby Gin - Ginbutler

Kalevala - Ruby Gin

Here is a beautiful and different bottle of gin from the award-winning Finnish distillery, Kalevala Distillery .

The gin is 100 percent organic and made from local ingredients. The base contains i.a. juniper berries, sea buckthorn, rose buds and raspberry leaves, but the beautiful and unique color that is the gin's hallmark comes from the freshly picked blueberries and cranberries that dissolve in the gin after it has been distilled. It gives a fresh and sweet taste that brings back memories of summer.

Try it with a classic tonic in a 1:1 ratio or taste it plain with an ice cube.

  • Contents: 50 cl
  • Strength: 39.9% alc./vol.
SKU: G5010.2