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Impression Gin

Impression gin is in itself an impressive round. On the one hand, the bottle is beautiful, and will probably adorn most gin shelves, but the gin itself is also impressive.

The absolutely essential thing in gin is that all botanicals have one thing in common, that they contain an extremely high amount of antioxidants. It's everything from mangosteen to marigolds to aloe vera. All botanicals are distilled separately to ensure the highest quality possible, and this results in a more delicate and finer product which is full of flavour. The gin is reduced to 40% by using spring water from the Adelaide Hills.

Each bottle of Impression Gin is made and bottled in Australia, and the hope is that both content and bottle will continue to impress even after the last drop has been consumed.

Taste: Light, fresh and delicate. A lot of focus on citrus notes from kakadu plum and the sweet taste from mangosteen goes well with finger lime which adds something "mint like" to the gin.

Impression gin is very aromatic and has a kind of sweet aftertaste, which must be balanced with the right tonic.

Botanicals: Juniper berry, mangosteen, finger lime, cockatoo plum, lemon myrtle, morning glory, ribberry (a form of clove), aloe vera and coriander

  • Contents: 50 cl
  • Strength: 40% alc./vol.
SKU: G5080.1