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Height of Arrows Gin

Height of Arrows is a gin inspired by how whiskey is made. Whisky's wide variety of flavors rely on the distillery's expertise in using only three ingredients, which are water, barley and yeast. In creating Height of Arrows, the Holyrood distillery sought to create a gin that followed the same principle of using a few ingredients to achieve a gin rich in flavour.

They focused on the gin's essential component, juniper. By focusing on juniper in the gin, Height of Arrows showcases all of juniper's complex nuances and flavors, ranging from fresh pine and bold citrus to peppery spice and more. Alongside juniper, Isle of Skye salt and natural beeswax are added after distillation. T he distillery uses salt as a natural flavor enhancer and they combine it with juniper to give an additional depth of flavor to the gin. Beeswax acts as the icing on the cake and creates a luxurious "smooth" gin.

The result is a juniper forward gin that is incredibly complex but remains deliciously easy to drink. Height of Arrows represents a new drinking experience for both the everyday gin lover and the gin enthusiast.

The gin is incredibly delicious to drink neat (just like a good whiskey) and otherwise it is perfect with a tonic that can stand a little against the taste, and in classic cocktails such as Negroni, Gibson and Martini.

Tasting notes: The aroma offers spruce and citrus. The taste starts out slightly oily with notes of orange peel, but is quickly replaced by black pepper and cardamom. The finish is long, soft and dry, and leaves a big impression.

Botanicals : Lots of juniper, barley and water. After distillation, beeswax and salt are added.

  • Contents: 70 cl
  • Strength: 43% alc./vol.
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