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Driftwood - JVS Gin

At 55%, this delicious gin from Driftwood Distillery is a little bit milder than a traditional Navy Strength gin. But make no mistake - there is plenty of flavor and power in this bottle.

The scent has notes of orange and is somewhat reminiscent of Donkey Jack from the same distillery. The high alcohol percentage should burn the nostrils, but this is not the case here, which testifies to the high quality of the distillation. The taste, on the other hand, is strong with notes of juniper, cinnamon and orange. There is also a bit of cardamom and a blackberry-like flavor.

JVS Gin is not made to be drunk neat, but it is, on the other hand, perfect for a Gin & Tonic or in a classic Negroni.

  • Contents: 50 cl
  • Strength: 55% alc./vol.


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