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Chow Hound - Ginbutler
Chow Hound - Ginbutler

Driftwood - Chow Hound

Chow Hound is the story of a humanitarian effort that took place at the end of World War II. The Queen of the Netherlands, who was in exile in Great Britain at the time, organized a special mission in collaboration with Great Britain and the United States - and with the permission of a German general - which was to secure nine air routes over the Netherlands, where neither side of the war would shoot at each other. All this happened before any peace treaties had been signed, so it goes without saying that the parties involved ran a great risk and that they had to trust each other.

On May 1, 1945, 40 American planes flew over Valkenburg Air Station with 330 people and 776 tons of food on board. The mission went by the name Chowhound (English slang for a chowder), and Driftwood Distillery uses a brown labrador as an ambassador for the story. The distillery is also located right next to Valkenburg air station.

The gin has a soft and pleasant taste of juniper and orange. Full and fruity. Cardamom and cinnamon quickly appear on the tongue and provide a nice warmth. It's the taste of autumn in a bottle.

  • Contents: 50 cl
  • Strength: 44% alc./vol.


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