Cuckoo Sunshine Gin - Ginbutler
Cuckoo Sunshine Gin - Ginbutler

Cuckoo Sunshine Gin

A new summery gin from the south of England. Brindle Distillery is a new family owned distillery that we will be hearing a lot more about.

The scent is fresh of juniper with notes of citrus fruits and cardamom. The taste unfolds even more and gives extra depth with coriander and cloves. A hint of orange peel rounds off the experience.

Cuckoo Sunshine Gin is basically traditional, but some rather unusual botanicals have been added in the form of vanilla, cinnamon and almond, and finally the gin is infused with raspberry. It gives a strong and potent gin, which is full of refreshing taste, but which still tastes unmistakably of gin. While other fruity gins focus on a single flavor - such as lemon or cucumber - Cuckoo Sunshine Gin is more complex and faceted in expression with notes of several different fruits and nuts. It has a deep, warm and sunny personality that we really like!

Citrus fruits will be good as a garnish in a classic Gin & Tonic. Thyme is also a good bet.

  • Contents: 70 cl
  • Strength: 40% alc./vol.


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