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Cornflower Dry Gin - Ginbutler
Cornflower Dry Gin - Ginbutler

Cornflower Dry Gin

The spice experts from Mandala Organic are behind this gin, which is produced in close collaboration with the gin wizard Anders Bilgram fromNordisk Brænderi . It took many months and many tests before they finally found the right combination of botanicals.

It is a lovely floral gin with distinct notes of orange and lemon. The floral flavor comes from blue cornflower, which is one of the main ingredients. Cloves and cardamom are also used to give a little edge, and the juniper berries give a mild undertone.

This bottle is one of the very best that the Danish distilleries have to offer.

  • Contents: 50 cl
  • Strength: 40.4% alc./vol.
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