Bacoo Rum 3 år, hvid - Bastard Spirits

Bacoo Rum 3 years, white

Contents: 70 cl

Strength: 40% alc./vol.

Bacoo 3 years is a white rum produced on the juice from sugar cane, after which the rum is stored in oak casks before being filtered through charcoal. This results in a silver colored rum and it has a unique and crisp taste with a light body. Sweet aromas of coconut, caramelized bananas and ripe mango fill the nose. The taste is light and pleasant with a delicious finish.

Bacoo Rum originates from the Dominican Republic and has a recognizable quality, consistency and character.

The name Bacoo comes from a mythological creature from the Caribbean (BAH-KU) that is said to be found in empty sealed bottles and has magical powers. It is the Caribbean variant of the lamp spirit or the Irish elf and it fulfills wishes for its owner. Hence Bacoo's motto "Wish Granted" wish fulfilled

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