Annandale Man O'Words 2015 Vintage Bourbon cask 224 - Bastard Spirits

Annandale Man O'Words 2015 Vintage Bourbon cask 224

Contents: 70 cl

Strength: 60.5% vol

All Annandale Malts are non-chill filtered Single Cask, Single Malt Scotch Whisky, bottled at cask strength. From cask to bottle... this is whiskey at its absolute purest and most natural. Whether you drink it straight or with a touch of water, we're confident you'll enjoy every dram.

Annandale 2015 Vinatge Bourbon Cask 224 is bottled at full cask strength of a whopping 60.5 Alc. - this version of Annandale Man O' Sword has aged in a used bourbon cask.

Annandale Distillery was established in 1836 by George Donald and was later bought by Johnnie Walker in 1893 who then brewed it in the "moth bag" in 1924. In 2014 the distillery was bought by the current owners and whiskey production resumed.

Annandale is the valley of the River Annan, which rises in the rugged highlands of northern Dumfriesshire and gorges into the Solway Firth, just south of the town of Annan.

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